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The New York Times

"That Grace nevertheless emerges as a well-rounded character is partly the result of the touching conviction Susannah Perkins imbues her with. As she did playing a brainy, atrocity-obsessed teenager in Sarah DeLappe’s “The Wolves,” Ms. Perkins manages the tricky task of suggesting the inconsistencies of a character in the process of formation and deformation at once. Watch how she uses her baggy sweater as both security blanket and armor." - Jesse Green


"Played by the outstanding Susannah Perkins (last seen in Playwrights Realm's acclaimed 2016 production of The Wolves), Grace is a fully functioning oddball ... What makes Grace and her story so compelling are her confusing internal contradictions, made completely understandable in Perkins's detailed performance." - Hayley Levitt



"Perkins (who was stellar in last year's remount of The Wolves at Lincoln Center) has a ferocity that lights up every inch of her slight frame ... Constance finds fiery, steely life in Perkins's performance. The play leaves her behind for a while, and I missed her when it did." - Sara Holdren

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Time Out Magazine

"The secret is Perkins, who gets weightier as the show goes on, becoming its calm and certain center; her huge eyes goggle at the world’s hypocrisies, but she knows her story. Even as humor froths up all around, her waters run deep, deep, deep." - Helen Shaw

The New Yorker

"Grace [is] played brilliantly by Susannah Perkins ... [T]he Playwrights Realm production ... is smartly centered on Perkins’s face, which is somehow equally plausible as that of an alert but awkward teen-ager and as the subject of a classical painting."